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LAGO PRODUCTIONS IS A VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPANY LEADING THE WAY IN THE CINEMATOGRAPHY SPACE WITH their unique and creative films — turning everything from advertising to wedding videos into films you actually enjoy watching.

We’re filmmakers, storytellers, and partners in life and love. We created Lago from a place of loving the art of videography. Being able to share our passion has become one of our greatest joys in life. Your special moments in life should be documented and share with the ones you love. Imagine being able to show your grandchildren your wedding video or the birth of their mother or father. Theses are moments that makeup or live. It is your life story and a memory that you can show for years to come. The LAGO Production team is filled with talented cinematographers & photographers with a love for people and organic story-telling.

We are Southwest Michigan Videographers, serving destinations everywhere - from backyards to beaches. We’re driven to artfully capture your authentic moments. Every couple has a unique story. We experience it with you and turn it into a memory that is forever a cherished keepsake. Connect with us, tell us your love story, the date, place, and time. We will make sure your special moment is captured beautifully. After all, you only regret the photos and videos that you didn't take, so I know you won't regret this.



Both between you and your partner and between you and us, connection is key. Most people haven't been in front of a video camera, let alone gotten married in front. It can feel weird going into it — we totally get that. But that's why we meet before and spend time getting to know you and you us. We want you to feel comfortable with us... and beyond comfortable, we want you to have an amazing time. It's your damn wedding day!


We're not like other wedding filmmakers... but that's kind of the point. Because you aren't like other couples. You have your own story, and it's our job to capture and represent it in a way that reflects who you really are. You might be poetically romantic, or wild and carefree, or classy and down-to-earth, or some other pairing of adjectives uniquely suited to you. No two of our films are like one another, and we love having the creative freedom to ensure yours isn't either.


Our films are all about capturing the vibe, and the only way to do that is if we're able to capture you and your partner authentically. There may not be a more vulnerable moment than when you're saying your vows and laying your heart bare for someone. A wedding is one of the most meaningful days in a person's life, and we're not here to capture masks or false emotion; we're here to catch a little piece of your spirit so that you can hold onto it forever.


At our core, we strive for authentic storytelling. Most people call us wedding videographers, but we prefer the term wedding filmmakers. It may seem small, but we think there’s a big difference. To us, a video simply portrays what happened in a moment of time, whereas a film takes you on an adventure. It tells a story. After watching it, you have to catch your breath and say, “That was epic.”

When you watch your wedding film months, years, or decades in the future, we don’t want you to just see what happened that day and have it jog your memory. We want you to be entirely transported. We want the film we create for you to be so evocative that you feel the same emotions all over again, just as they were felt the first time.

We don’t use any "cookie-cutter" templates. We spend time making each film unique so that it fits the vibe of the day; spending close to 60 hours editing each piece.

And it’s so damn worth it. It’s so worth it in order to make sure every wedding film we deliver is truly reflective of each couple.

  • Our clients are looking for an extremely tailored experience. They don’t want anything to feel forced or “off” — they just want to be themselves — authentically and unashamedly. And that’s exactly how we want you to be in front of the camera.

  • We craft our films to make them as experiential as possible, so we’re intentional about choosing visuals and sounds that appeal to all your senses.

    We believe in the ability of music to move the soul, so we spend hours hunting for the perfect soundtrack for each film.

It all comes down to trust.

You’re only going to do this once, so you need to have faith in your filmmakers to do it right. And we only get one shot at this, so we need you to trust our vision and let us do our thing so that you can kick back, not stress over it, and make sure we’re capturing your best self.

We’re going to be there to witness, capture, and share all the emotional and most intimate moments of one of the best days of your life. We care so much about capturing your story; we care about every person we work with – not only as clients but as real, raw humans. And we want to be more than just hired help to you. We want you to feel safe with us and know that we’ll do everything in our power to give you the best damn wedding film possible. Because when you’re able to let go and live in the moment, that’s when the magic happens.

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